Monday, April 11, 2011

3 Simple Tips To More Twitter Followers

If you have a Twitter account, this article passes on what we've learned about growing the number of people who follow you at Twitter.

These 3 tips are simple, do-able, and they work!

#1 RE-broadcast your best tweets!

Once you log into your Twitter account, click on "Home." See the menu for "ReTweets?"

Select "Your Tweets, ReTweeted." and you'll see a list of your tweets that have been passed on by your followers.

Those with the most are, obviously, your best.

BUT how many saw them? A few percent, at best. After all, the time of day determines...

i) if you're awake (24 times zones in the world! ;-) )

ii) if you're at work

iii) if your routine dictates other activities

So ReTweet your best ones at various times of the day. Experiment and track what works best for you.

#2 Current Events

Find a hot story relevant to your audience. Post about it (ex., on your Facebook page or blog, or business website, etc.). Look for an original angle.

Then make a provocative tweet that sends folks to the post. This tip gives you TWO benefits...

i) more ReTweets, which brings new followers

ii) more comments to your post, as well as more people liking your Facebook Page (and the post) or subscribing to your feed (blog)

This double-dip is much stronger than just sending your followers to someone else's post.

And naturally, you're going to ReTweet these, right? :-)

#3 ReTweet Nothing But Quality

Tips 1 and 2 are about original content. Not every tweet needs to be original. Not every one should be.

You can ALSO add value to your followers if you carefully select excellent tweets to ReTweet, out of all that you read on a daily basis.

From these cherries, pick THE cherries that YOUR followers will find tastiest (that's Tip #1 above). Repeat twice or thrice during the day (Tip #2).

And that's it. Tips #1 and #2 are about YOUR original content. Tip #3 combines the first 2 when ReTweeting.