Sunday, January 2, 2011

I hate change and so do you

I hate change.  Honestly, by the time I figure out how to make money with my business, I don't want to change anything. 

Then along comes this “everything is a commodity” web based sourcing mentality and the new on line and social network media connecting method and now we have to figure out how to master these paths to acquire customers and grow our business. 

Here's 2 simple ideas and ways of thinking I've found that might save you the stress and fear of change that this Web and on line based world has created.

These 2 ideas and ways of thinking should help you
• continue to use your best and most familiar skills
• not have to change your current favored time proven paths to growth
• stay in your familiar comfort zone
• become quite comfortable with the Web and social media and use it like pros.

1. Perspective, how you view the web and its challenges:
– It may be helpful to realize that Its really not a change nor a challenge to our core skills and who we are as business people at all.
– Its just a new "delivery and connecting" system.
– It’s not really an unknown at all, Its the good old connecting with prospects path "wearing different clothes"  so to speak.

2. Your familiar methods for reaching out, are still applicable and usable: You still can use the same familiar and comfortable skills for getting business, gaining a reputation as the “go to” person, establishing leadership and visibility.

Example 1: Selling skills are still selling skills just deployed via different media today - The media changes, the method of connecting changed, but the core ability of the person who can sell, the process of making an approach and moving through to a "yes" has not changed.

Here's what I mean by that:

1. As you always have before, search how-where folks source but this time look for their on line routes to information, research decision makers, influencers, read and participate via blogs, join into "the family" of targeted audience types via networks, where they gain their insights reading on line, where they go for info and use it 

2. Google is a great tool for doing that.

3. So, in reality, you don't have to change your familiar process. You just change the "how" and "where" of how you gain traction, visibility, reputation, prospects, become the "go to" expert by using the paths of the on line media that best connects with the right audiences for you.

Its simply re-tooling our unique ways, paths and outlets of “selling” or delivering our expertise, services, products and solutions into an on line connected world instead of face to face, or via ads, or brochures.

Example 2: Public speaking, featured speaker skill
1. If we use and are relying on public speaking to gain traction then use webinars, record a you tube.

2. You can reach an audience far greater than speaking at a conference although you still should continue to do that.

Example 3: Writing skills as you route to growing business, a following and a “expert” reputation:

1. If writing is how you go after markets and establish yourself as the expert "go to" person, blog on line both in your own and participate in blogs that your target audience looks to for ideas, guidance and insights.

2. Create an e-zine an online magazine of sorts. Invite your target audiences to read your writings.

3. Use an on line newsletter as well. Find your target audience in the same way you would find it before and use their established on line sources for learning and discussion information to post your writings. 

4. Post to the trade journals in their on line magazine versions.

See what I mean. 

The Web based-online connection-communication concept is not unfamiliar territory, its not a change at all from your comfort zone, just in the paths in which you “prospect”, “reach out”, "public speak" or use "article writing" as your way of gaining traction and customers.

Seeing the web and on line tools in this way can take the fear of change away that the web based world represents and instead, help us demystify and use our web based world to thrive.

Try some of these ideas and ways of thinking out. As you do, I think your fear of the "rules of the game" change from the impact of the web will evaporate and you will be once again “full speed ahead” on very familiar and comfortable footing to grow and profit yet still be “you” without making any drastic changes at all.

Regards, Neil Licht

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