Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why And How To Hire A Graphic Designer For Small Business Owners

Many small businesses make the mistake of attempting to design their own logo and business products in order to save money. Hiring a graphic designer will help present the business in a professional manner, ensure that the job is done correctly based on industry standards, retain and generate new clientele, and actually save the business money in the long run. Here’s an in-depth look at some reasons to hire a professional graphic designer, and what to think about when doing it.

First impressions are everything, and a poorly designed logo and business collateral can reflect poorly on you and your business. A design that is unique and customized for your business can help your business stand out, and give you an edge over your competition. An experienced graphic designer will take their time to listen and understand your business before designing. They will do research on your target market and your competition, and they will want to understand your style and goals for your company. Creative design combined with well-written copy adds a level of professionalism that will elevate your business' image above your competition. Well designed and professionally printed marketing materials will make your business look reliable and showcase expertise in your field.

Design and production of printed materials are a more comprehensive process than many think. Knowledge of color spaces, printing, file formats, and software selection is essential in finding the right fit for your project. Your graphic designer is a visual communications expert that has the skills and tools to design materials that make your business stand out among your competition. They have the industry software to create files in the correct formats for web and print, as well as the expertise and experience to help you make selections that fits your image and budget. A designer usually has established relationships with printers and can get you the best price for your type of project. The graphic designer is the expert so that you don't have to be.

You might already have some idea of what you want, and it is the designer's job to help you organize those ideas and develop them into a concept that is innovative, unique, and representative of your organization. A graphic designer is your objective partner who helps you find ways to best market your image and sell your products or services. A well designed logo or other promotional material can be your ticket to a successful business and give you the results you are looking for.

Ensure that the person or studio you choose is right for your company. Here are a few considerations that can help assure that you are happy with the end results. First, view the designer’s portfolio. A designer should have samples of their previous work available to you either through a website, a book, or some other printed format.

To help the business owner get the end results they are happy with, most designers will provide multiple design options for you to select from and two or three rounds of changes thereafter (keep in mind that multiple rounds of proofs not specified in your original contract may result in additional charges).

Before printing a job, you should be presented with a proof. Look closely for any typographical errors, strange colors, or anything else that seems wrong. Your designer may not know if the address is wrong or if the color of a photograph is incorrect. Once you have approved a proof, the job will be run and any errors that might still exist become your responsibility. To ensure that this costly error doesn't happen to you, look at the proof carefully before signing off on it.

To create a custom identity and branding for your small business, Nina Randone Graphic Design can assist you in your communication challenge. Nina Randone is an award-winning designer with client experiences ranging from national real estate developers and international organizations to start-ups and small businesses. With a degree in Graphic Design and seven years of experience, she utilizes her design and production expertise to develop high-impact design solutions that deliver results. From defining the problem, to concept development, to production and delivery, Nina Randone offers her creativity, commitment, and dedication for a successful, fun, and efficient design process.

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