Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Public Relations Strategy For Small Business

Small business owners have to wear lots of hats - operations, purchasing, marketing. With so much to keep track of running their business, promoting and getting the word out about it takes a backseat.

A proactive, locally-focused public relations strategy is important for small businesses to connect with potential customers. Creating and distributing news releases can generate news coverage from local media outlets that helps raise awareness about a business. Publishing those releases online in a format where they can be indexed by search engines and shared to social networks expands reach even more.

Newsmaker, from readMedia, is an affordable service small businesses use to distribute news releases to targeted local reporters and publish them to the Web. Most small businesses can't afford to hire a public relations firm and don't have the time to handle media relations in-house. readMedia's platform takes care of all the time-consuming aspects of local PR.

As a small business owner, all you need to do is come up with great stories to share about your business - events, promotions, industry involvement, new facility openings. Draft a quick release using pre-built templates and readMedia takes care of getting it to the right media outlets and posting it online, including on social networks like Facebook and Twitter where even more potential customers will see it.

The speed of change in media and technology makes public relations today a complex task. readMedia's Newsmaker frees small business owners from having to keep track of it all and instead lets them focus on running their business and creating great stories about it that people will want to share.

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