Thursday, February 25, 2010

Results Councils ....Team Approach To Solving Small Business Problems

Results Councils of Albertson, New York, specialists in enhancing business success, has developed a program to assist the owners of small and mid-sized companies to solve business problems through a team based approach.

The American economy is dependent upon the growth of small and mid-sized businesses to create new jobs. Smaller companies are the leading source of job creation for the U.S. economy . It is crucial to the success of the U.S. economy that small and mid-sized companies fuel future economic growth.

The owners of smaller companies are often times the loneliest people on the planet. Most have no one to turn to for help in solving business problems. They cannot discuss problems with their employees. Smaller companies normally have no Boards of Directors to rely upon for guidance.

Results Councils has developed a program that joins 8 to 12 small and mid-sized business owners as a business solution team that meets one day per month for 4 hours, with a business leader and a professional business coach, to review the problems and challenges confronting each team member. The other members of the team, with the business coach and business leader, review each problem and offer their advice as to a solution.

Each of the team members serves as part of board of advisors for the other team members. This combined with the input of the business leader and professional business coach provides a powerful approach towards building the businesses of all the team members.

Team members over time develop relationships with each other creating a problem solving mechanism that benefits all participants and enhances the performance of each company. The ability to effectively resolve problems contributes to enhanced profitability leading to business growth and the hiring of additional employees.

RC differs from theirr competition in several areas:

1. Each Results Council is headed by a business leader and a business coach. None of their competition provides as much experienced management talent.

2. They offer the flexibility to adapt their meeting agendas to meet the specific needs of the team members on the day of the meeting. They do not use a standard program as used by theirr competitors which often have little relevance to the needs of the team members.

3. Their relationship with the largest business coaching company in the world provides their members with access to a library of successful business techniques that gives insiight on all types of challenges faced by companies on a day to day basis. They are able to tap into the expertise of 1,200 business coaches throughout the world .... and gain access to successful solutions that they have taken in similar problem areas.

4. Their monthly fee is significantly below the range of fees charged by their competitors.

Results Councils is setting up councils in to meet the needs of small companies and to contribute to the growth of the American economy.

For additional information please contact Martin Hoffenberg at or 516-626-2292.

You can also go to their website at Results Councils