Thursday, February 18, 2010

How Small Business Can Be More Efficient With Their Time And Effort

One of the problems that seems to plague small business is when they grow beyond the point where they can do everything themselves. Most businesses start out with the owner and they do it all. As they grow it becomes much more difficult to do everything, on-time and well. Things start to get dropped and forgotten. Some of these things include, billing, returning phone calls, follow-up on sales opportunities and missed appointments.

In the past you would hire someone to take care of the less important tasks while you continued to deal with the important details of running your business. Still trying to keep the important things close so they get done with the professionalism that you and your customers expect. While this does help, it comes with its problems too. You may work from home and not want a stranger working in your home while you are not there, or while your family is. You could hire a relative or friend but that has even more problems attached to it.

Answer: Hire someone who knows all about running the operational side of business. Someone who is available all day, every day and has the tools and skills to get the job done right, on-time and professionally. Someone who can talk to your customers with the skill level required, someone who has the same focus and intent that you do with your clients; keep them happy with your services, communicate with them, follow-up on sales opportunities, drive your revenue opportunities higher.

You can now outsource these services for a small fraction of the cost of hiring someone. You have none of the complications of hiring personnel such as managing them (while you are out producing revenue), sick-time, lack of skill, just to name a few. They will tie their fees to your revenue with no fixed fees. Because they are tied to your revenue they are as motivated as you are to make sure you are paid for the work you do and no opportunities are left behind.

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