Sunday, December 30, 2007

End of year review

IMG_0054, originally uploaded by eesley.

The photo is one of the quirky spots at MIT where this creature is on the floor in one of the hallways. No explanation....

I've been updating some of the people I consider mentors on my progress and thought I might as well post it hear as it's one take on the year 2007 in review for me - at least from a career point of view.

My long term goal is still to be an entrepreneur and I'm now in the middle of the 3rd year of the PhD at MIT Sloan. Last January I started working part-time with Lux Capital, a nanotech focused VC firm.

In June I went to China for a month as part of my dissertation research on technology entrepreneurship in China.

At the end of the summer an opportunity arose to work part-time with Flagship Ventures concentrating in the medical devices and life science area so I've been working with them on due diligence on medical device deals since then. I've really been enjoying it. I am hoping to move to the West Coast at some point if I can.

I'll keep this short for now.

All the best for the New Year!