Sunday, December 9, 2007

Connor Desai - SEATTLE, Washington - Jazz / Indie / Folk - Connor Desai - SEATTLE, Washington - Jazz / Indie / Folk -

I recently reconnected (via Facebook) with a good friend from my freshman year at Duke, Connor Briggs (now Desai). I had always known her as having an amazing voice and great guitar skills from the impromptu performances she would put on in dorm rooms and at open mic nights in Durham. Now she has recorded an album!

I jumped at the chance to buy it from the iTunes Music Store and have been listening to it almost non-stop (alternating with the amazing Diana Krall Christmas Album). Check it out! or iTunes. Those with Rhapsody accounts, you can now find her on their roster.

She won a 2007 Top CD award from and they describe the album below:

This smoky-voiced jazz/pop siren stayed in my CD player for months. My toes melted into the floor each time I heard that croon drift out of my speakers. She gets edgy and raw sometimes, not adverse to dropping an F bomb here and there, but she can also slide into Radio-Friendly Land without compromising that spirited attitude. A must for anyone with a soul. (Reviewed by Jennifer Layton)