Thursday, September 13, 2012

Technology Issues For Small Business....Wake Up!

You're having issues with the technology your small business has deployed and are wondering what could have gone wrong.

The tools are not the issue. Establishing processes that are efficient and then selecting to the tools is the challenge I encounter time and again with small business.

As a counselor I have noticed the symptoms of the technology monkey, particularly among the younger (Generation X and Y) entrepreneurs.

There seems to be a belief that automation, the Internet and social networking can make the business succeed when in fact the real design of the enterprise itself is lacking (niche, market base, business plan, competitive analysis and financial forecasting)

I hear from many clients who ask, "What Now?" having launched an enterprise that is going nowhere because they are driving the tools and not the car.

I take them back to the garage, design the auto to see if it can run and then apply the wrenches retroactively if that is possible. It is usually a traumatic experience and could have been avoided with strategic and business planning before launch.
Above courtesy of Kenneth Larson, SCORE Mentor