Thursday, October 20, 2011

Clean Up Your Online Profile

October 21, 2011 BY  Neil Licht, VP Online Reputation Management for Reputation911

Your online image arrives before you do these days and makes an incredible first impression to employers, dating partners, business partners and anyone else who knows how to turn on a computer or use a mobile device.

Welcome to the digital age !

To make matters worse your online image is often created by others who might tag you on inappropriate photos, post about you on facebook or review you or your business on yelp all in an effort to tarnish your online image.

Reputation Management Products from Reputation911 like My Online Privacy will help you analyze your online profile, giving you a full report with a free online reputation score just like employers and insurance companies now use to rank and judge you.

By taking the appropriate actions Reputation911′s online image team will help you raise your online reputation score by deleting the negatives and building on the positives.  Here are just some of the areas we have recently work with clients.

  • Online Dating Profiles – Searching and deleting old online dating profiles and conversations that may be hurting your online reputation score and making current profiles private or invisible to search engines.
  • Facebook Accounts – Deleting or complete privacy option, only allowing access to friends and family that you add and everyone else will just see your picture, so opt for the fully-clothed shot !
  • Find My Old Accounts – Searching and deleting all old accounts that may be sitting idle in cyberspace waiting for an employer or stranger to find.
  • Blogger Post – Searching and removing any negative or inflammatory metion of you in a blog or micro blog post.
  • Video and Photo Sharing Sites – Searching and removing racy photos and or inappropriate video content that you did not wish to have posted.
  • Professional Social Networking Sites – Deleting and or completing privacy options for old or new sites you may have online.
  • Private Personal  Information – Deleting and protecting your private information from where you live to your income, marital status etc.

To learn more about how to clean up your online profile you can contact Reputation911 directly at 1-866-MY-REP-911  ext 201  Neil Licht