Thursday, June 2, 2011

If you could master one skill in order to succeed in your own Business... What would it be?


If you could master one skill in order to succeed in your own Business... What would it be?

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 I think being very honest with yourself re skills, abilities, likes, dislikes and then contracting with folks who, because they are expert in their arena, can do it far better than you is the foremost skill you can have.

Here's a few questions that, if you ask and honestly answer before you go full steam ahead, may make quite a difference towards being successful and probably a lot faster.

A. What business am I in and what is my main focus in that business

B, Given my answers to that, If I am in business for myself, do I want to dilute my time and attention trying to do the parts of running a business that I do not know, I might actually dislike, or I'm really not that good at it?

C. If I partnered with, hired or contracted an expert in Marketing, or finance or the areas that I am not wild about or skilled in who loves doing it and is good at it, could I then focus on my passion in business, deliver better "products and services", Could I actually acquire lots more paying customers if I did that?

There are a lot of variables in defining what skills you would actually have to "acquire" for yourself to be great in business.

You may want to think about measuring acquiring them v "hiring" them and how "hiring" them (consultant, contractor expert, manufacturer's reps for sales etc) can effect getting you lots more time for YOU and your core being abilities to make what you do best gain more business.

And then, there's the success rate of expert v You? Which would yield lots more sales and sales opportunities that are genuine prospects?

Regards, Neil Licht

BTW, Its OK to email me with your concerns re acquiring paying customers