Thursday, June 9, 2011

How Do You Achieve Peak Productivity?

Baseline Management is the answer to the question.

Resources are applied in business to achieve a goal, a task, a quality service, a product that is in demand or similar objectives. To be productive one must have a baseline plan containing the prospective details of the work scope,resources necessary and time frame to achieve the objective(s). The baseline plan is then executed and performance begins.

It is not a perfect world so challenges, unforeseen circumstances and other events ensue which require solutions. The baseline plan must be statused to reflect these events, solutions must be achieved and resources supplemented or realigned to meet the challenges.

A key factor in baseline management is productivity analysis. The extent to which the baseline plan was sound or faulty must be observed and corrective action taken as necessary. The new version of a modified baseline must reflect work scope changes, more funding from a customer if necessary, control of scope creep and other management actions.

Throughout this process, baseline management is the key visibility factor in maintaining productivity.