Friday, May 27, 2011

Social Media Marketing Tips

Typically when I attend a webinar or teleconference I get bored and begin multitasking, and then I am certain to miss some really good nuggets. However, now I listen with a new purpose: to share what I learn with you, my readers. Here are my takeaways from two webinars I attended recently with some great social media marketing tips.

* When can you get the most retweets? The most retweetable times are late in the day and late in the week. Check your own most retweetable time at

* Tweet more! Send the same link with different copy multiple times in a day. Guy Kawasaki, says he models CNN or the New York Times, as they report the same story multiple times a day, because not everyone is in front of their television at the same time. Not everyone is in front of their twitter stream at the same time either. Tweet more often and give yourself a great chance of being seen.

* Weekends are best for Facebook sharing.

* Send email very early in the morning. Similar to my "Inspiration to Start Your Day" messages.

* Most business owners should be sending more email. However, that does not mean sending more sales pitches. (On that note I must rant a bit. I am so done with getting the same email message telling me, "my good friend so-and-so has agreed to _____." Now, I don't mind receiving that message from one person, but when I receive the exact same message about the exact same good friend, well, that ticks me off. I too want joint venture partners who will support me in my endeavors, but I would prefer that they be honest in that support and actually have some knowledge of what they are promoting. Okay, I’m done with my rant.) It does mean you need to stay in front of your readers by providing valuable content. Your readers gave you permission to build your reputation when they subscribed to your list. You don’t want to abuse that permission; however, you have an obligation to your business to build your reputation in their eyes.

* Blog on weekends to get the most comments.

* Blog early in the morning for an increased click-through rate on links.

* And finally, the more you blog, the more readers you will attract.

I hope these tips are useful to you in your business.