Thursday, August 5, 2010

Selling without Selling: Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Do you find yourself trying to get clients, but they are resistant to selling???

Here is a tip to sell without selling: become a trusted adviser. This means you educate your clients about services / products that you offer, without directly selling them (with ads or promotions). As they become more educated about your industry (and you) and become more aware of their own needs; they will naturally go to you for these services. You will have become a trusted adviser, not a sales person. People like to buy, but hate to be sold.

Let me give you an example: If you were a mortgage broker and your target market was real estate agents - maybe you would set up a Facebook page dedicated to tips for helping real estate agents close more business. On that page, you would not sell mortgages, but provide helpful tips to real estate agents. One of those tips could be about how to improve the credit score of their clients. Over time, you would become a trusted adviser and when an agent was looking for a mortgage broker, they would likely think of you first. This means - you are not selling, but they are buying.

Today, the #1 product that people are buying is information. Become a source of information for your clients and you have become their trusted adviser. This will increase your number of clients and your repeat sales per client and you will be selling without selling.

To your success,

Kimberly Deas, Guest Blogger

Kimberly is President of SBHBTools, an online company dedicated to providing quality tools for small business and home based business owners. Her blog can be read at 

PS Got some tips that have helped you become a trusted adviser?? Please share them as a comment.