Monday, July 5, 2010

Small Business Digest ….. Weekly Guide For Small Business Owners

Announcing the Next For Small Business Growth Digest, a weekly guide that delivers knowledge you can use right now … gleaned from the cutting edge of small business growth.

If you’re struggling with the challenges and overwhelmed by what always goes hand in hand with small business growth …..

If you’re approaching that $500k/year milestone of success and are having troubling finding the way forward …..

Or if you’re just looking to get that extra edge in your business so you can be less stressed and have more free time in your life …..

You’re going to love the Next For Small Business Growth Digest!

In it, you’ll discover the latest tools, tips, and tricks to keep you ahead of the competition by getting more customers easier, and keeping them longer.

Now you too can benefit from 63 years of combined experience helping small business owners achieve maximum profits and impact.

When you subscribe to the Next For Small Business Growth Digest, you’ll gain powerful, inside information on a wide variety of topics (and you’ll be able to read it all in less than 7 minutes on most weeks).

You’ll discover principles such as:

* How to uncover the leverage points that will explode your business growth (and root out major “business breakdowns” at the same time)…

* How to drive traffic to your website—using SEO, social media, PPC, affiliates, and more…

* How to create easy videos that pierce the noise in your market and grab the attention of your prospects…

* How to laser-focus your business so that it serves your ideal customers (so you can stop wasting time and money “casting a wide net”)…

* How to develop a focused mind and unstoppable spirit so you’re moving forward each and every day… no matter what your external circumstances!

* How to convert visitors into buyers (you’ll discover age-old principles that are overlooked by most small business owners)…

* How to sell with total confidence and enthusiasm, without scaring your prospects away…

* And much more…

Your Free Bonuses …………

You’ll also receive 2 special gifts just for signing up for the Next for Small Business Growth Digest ($47 value).

These special bonuses work together as a “one-two punch” to bring your marketing to the next level ….. no matter how long you’ve been in business.

The fact is, in their years of helping small businesses grow, the one thing SBD has discovered is what super-charges business growth like nothing else is pinpointing your ideal customer ….. and then serving them wholeheartedly and single-mindedly.

And most small businesses ….. even if they think they’re already serving their ideal customer ….. actually mess this one up and waste precious time and money because of it.

Focusing on your ideal customer is such an important part of growing your business that they’ve also developed a video guide and special report to walk you through the entire process.

To sign-up just go to: Small Business Digest