Thursday, July 8, 2010

Q&A Site For Businesses On Technology Applications

There’s a new Q&A site available for businesses to ask about Business Applications, SaaS, and Cloud Computing.

What does SaaS and Cloud Computing really mean for a small business? Which application should I choose to improve my business operations?

Have you ever thought, “I´d love to know from someone who went through that too”?

When it comes to a business software choice, everyone dreams of getting feedback from experts.

Asking a question and getting varying, useful responses from a large sample of users is just the best thing that can happen to a business owner.

This is why has launched a new Q&A site for small businesses: GetApp

The site has been up for about a month, and already numerous questions have been answered by almost 100 famous bloggers and recognized experts.

For example, recently a business owner asked about Client Management and Billing Software. Do you think you could contribute? Or benefit from the answers?

The real value about a niche Q&A site is that it acts as a very dynamic and specialized social media where you meet very focused subject matter experts. Not only the specialists who like to talk to other specialists ….. but people who are genuinely interested in helping small businesses with their operations and software choices.

Of course participation is free ….. but registration is required both for questions and answers in order to guarantee the quality of the discussions.

You can register and get started at: Register GetApp

If you feel like an expert, you can even get your own widget to display expert activity, Q&A from Answers on your website or blog:

GetApp Widget

I hope many small businesses will find the site very useful, let´s meet there.