Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Animation for Interactive Media and Corporate Videos/Presentation

Artifex Animation Studios is a "boutique" service house that creates animation for interactive medias (Web, E-Learning, etc.) and corporate presentations. Established in 2006, the studio has done work for brands such as Alltel, Cox Cable, D-Link, Ford, Gatorade, PBS, Samsung, and many more. The studio's specialty is 3D computer modeling and animation, but they also provide services in character/object design, storyboarding, animatics, 2D animation, particle effects, compositing, and color correction. The company is based in Montreal but has clients worldwide.

Animation can be used to add to an existing Web site, or to make a presentation or corporate video more compelling. It can also be used to showcase something that doesn't exist yet, such as a new product, a floorplan, or an interior decoration. Showing the future work is much better than just telling a client about it!

Photorealistic animation is a great way to showcase an existing physical product. The camera can be placed wherever wanted, the product can spin, turn, explode in its component parts -- even the insides may be shown. A product animation is also easier to update than a filmed or classically animated presentation: cameras can be moved, motions changed, colors adjusted. Animation frees the marketer to present a product in the best light available.

Some may think that animation is too expensive, and it used to be true. Ten years ago, a $30K workstation was needed, as well as a trained technician. Today, getting a 3D animation done isn't much more expensive than hiring a professional graphic designer. Armed with modern tools, a single animator can do between 3 to 6 seconds of finished animation per day. Building the 3D model can be done in hours (if using a readily available model like a car or teapot) or days (if a complex product has to be reproduced within the computer).

Please visit Artifex Animation Studios' Web site to learn more about its services and to see samples of their work.

Artifex Animation Studios

Contact producer Marc A. Vezina at [mavezina@aastudios.ca] for more information or to request a free quote.