Thursday, May 6, 2010

SMS Text Based CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Business has to continuously work on increasing efficiency and improving return on investment. This is true in good times and even more so in bad. Marketing works to capture new customers, but CRM should help you maximize return on the customers you have! Cell phone text is the frontier of current state-of-the-art CRM.

The average e-mail is read in 48 hours. The average text is read in 4 minutes. Facebook, Twitter and smart phone apps require the user to actively engage. Cellphone text, on the other hand, allows the business to reach out to the user. It is also the only technology accessible to virtually all 300 million Americans. Bars and restaurants can text their most loyal customers with a drink special during a slow happy hour! Retailers can eliminate loyalty punch cards which get lost and are open to employee abuse. Cellphones and Vayulogic's underlying infrastructure can keep track of customer purchases. Coupons can be distributed this way as well.

What are some shortfalls? There is no spam in the texting arena. Users have to opt in. These are a business's most loyal customers. Text CRM has to be used judiciously. Be mindful of when a text is sent. Early morning usually works for no one. Ensure that the message has value. Don't communicate more than a couple times a week in order not to become a nuisance (unless your model is a deal of the day; expectation management is key!).

Text is rapidly growing. The business which uses this technology correctly will be rewarded with deeper customer relationships and that should add to the bottom line.

To help you get onboard with this new marketing avenue I recommend Vayulogic. Vayulogic is the leader in cellphone text CRM. The technology rests on a solid foundation of Amazon cloud computing. More importantly, Vayulogic does not share numbers. Your customers are yours!

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