Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reinvigorate Your Small Business ..... With Pay As You Go Coaching.

When you've stepped out of a role into running your own business there's support, enthusiasm and huge energy all around; the experience is as invigorating as a run from the sauna into the snow and plunge pool.

Alas, between months 18 to 24 the heat of the sauna often becomes the stifling heat of the kitchen, and the refresh of the plunge pool numbs to a chill of isolation, a cold shoulder.

Too much work or too little, resulting effects are almost identical in poor performance, inadequate balance between planning and action, lack of sleep, erosion of family life, a rise in anxiety, or simply loss of confidence in your business' capability to support you or your ability to manage it.

People buy people, especially in small business. Consequently, when you consider what on earth you are going to do to fix things, count yourself as a fixable item on the list. It's easy to assume outside factors rule your domain, but you must consider the fulcrum those levers operate through, and that would be you.

By the way, especially in small business, people don't buy coaching. But they do buy knowledge, insight and support because that 18 to 24 month wake-up is the moment when the gulf between assumed can-do and realization of limitations begins to be understood.

A coach closes that gap, helping leverage your strengths to overcome perceived limitations, providing objectivity and focus, helping you re-calibrate effort, working so you own the achievements and changes that arise.

People buy people. Get the confidence you need to run naked into the snow again, get a coach.

I promise it will be more invigorating than beating yourself with a birch twig.

For a top notch coach .... Small Business Resources Cafe strongly recommends Philip Stanley.

Philip is the lead business coach at Minutecoach Limited, a company that offers Business Coaching on a pure Pay As You Go basis to business owners, career professionals, and entrepreneurs who have the confidence to invest in themselves.

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