Thursday, April 8, 2010

Accounts Receivable Resource For Small Business

Monetizing your account receivables is a cost efficient way to achieve growth. You will gain quick access to cash and free up working capital. By leveraging your customer's good credit, you can improve your cash flow.

For small- to medium-sized businesses, access to working capital is key to growth. The Receivables Exchange is an alternate source of asset-based financing that provides access to working capital in a fraction of the time — at a competitive cost of capital.

Businesses that sell accounts receivable on The Receivables Exchange can reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and compress Cash Conversion Cycles (CCC), which allows them to increase their Return on Equity (ROE) and to enhance their liquidity position and key financial metrics. Simply sell one or multiple receivables as often as you like, and set the terms that work best for you. When selling accounts receivable at The Receivables Exchange, Sellers benefit from a competitive auction process where multiple buyers bid, ensuring competitive rates. To respect your privacy, your customers are never notified of your participation in The Receivables Exchange.

To learn more please go to: Receivables Exchange