Monday, September 28, 2009

Video Marketing For The Small Business

A lot of small business owners are considering investing in online video--with good reason. Video is the next killer app on the web, and in a few months, companies without a video marketing presence will look as outdated as companies without a web site.

If you think this is an exaggeration, consider that in August 2008 Comscore indicated that YouTube had already become the internet's #2 search engine.

However, there are 2 problems small businesses face with getting into online video:

1) Cost
2) Distribution

The first issue is pretty clear--the lowest quality production studios usually won't go lower than $5k. The more insidious problem is distribution: Many companies spend heavily for a promotional video only to see it languish on YouTube with less than 1000 views.

Zadby addresses both issues with a single innovative solution--charging only for distribution. In other words, businesses pay (and risk) nothing for the video creation and only pay for the audience that watches the video.

Zadby manages this innovative pricing solution by connecting clients with online video producers who already have large, loyal audiences that are relevant to the product or service being promoted. Zadby's producer community includes over 500 of popular online video producers who produce videos ranging from sketch comedy for young males to cosmetics videos for young women to health and wellness videos for baby boomers. These producers have large relevant audiences so they are willing to shoot videos on spec and take on the risk of successful distribution so Zadby clients don't have to.

Zadby only charges $50 per 1000 views for 100% branded videos (and less for videos with lesser branding requirements). So for the minimum $5k you would pay to a low quality production studios just for 1 video, a $5k Zadby campaign would deliver a video plus at least 100,000 targeted views plus a money-back guarantee.

There are example videos on of work done for big brands like Pizza Hut and Animal Planet, but the links below include a 2 smaller videos done for smaller businesses. Examples relevant to almost any type of business can be shared with interested parties upon request.

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