Monday, September 21, 2009

The Effect Of The Economy On Small Business

No matter where you stand on the fence .... pessimist, optomist, or somewhere in the middle .... no one can argue that the current state of the economy is having an effect on your small business.

Some are finding opportunity.

Some are hurting or even failing.

Some are simply surviving .... hoping to make it through.

Recession, depression, inflation, cap and trade, stimulus package(s), bank bailouts, company bailouts, health care reform, credit crunch, job loss, energy prices, tax proposals, consumer confidence, stock market fluctuations, investment / funding decline, business debt, consumer debt, declining consumer spending, going "green", construction slow down, real estate depreciation, and much more .... it all seems to be coming at you from every direction. That's alot of pressures to deal with ... if it applies to you at all (somewhat depends on your business niche of course).

So what is the effect on YOUR business? (Positive, painful, not much, making changes to get through it, etc.)

What opportunities are YOU finding? (there are some ... believe it or not)

What problems are YOU having? (please be specific ... plus what did or can you do about it OR what can someone else do about it for you e.g local, state, or federal goverment/agency)

How are YOU surviving? (again please be specific, what tips or insights could you share that others may benefit from)

Here's YOUR chance to weigh in ... and LEARN FROM EACH OTHER.

Speak up, speak out ... make yourself heard!

Sort of like your own townhall just for small businesses. ;)

Please leave a comment ... as long as you'd like.

My request .... "say what you think, think what you mean, mean what you say".