Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Is The Benefit Of Social Media To Small Businesses?

Consumers now more than ever want to develop an intimate connection with a brand and want to know that companies will be loyal to them by supplying them with what they need and by listening to their demands and forming them into the products that would be useful to them.

Also you can use social media as a way to test a group of people with a product and see what their response is. Social Media is the best form of Word of Mouth Advertising. Your product can be out to millions of people in a matter of hours for free.

Think social media platforms such as YouTube videos, Twitter "tweets", business blogs, event podcasts, Facebook, and Linked-In.

These are just a few examples of how Social Media can benefit a Small Business....I think the biggest challenge is having experienced people approaching small businesses and being able to explain to them how Social Media can take their business to the next level. Though you may not see immediate effects .... the Long Term Value of that customer may be forever.

While selling on social media isn't popular (or a big no no), it is about conversation. Creating friends, building trust etc ...... and in that conversation people will talk about or bring to the surface their skills, products and services. It is whilst creating this tribe that you subconsciously sell and more importantly others buy.

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