Sunday, June 21, 2009

Came across a pair of interesting articles recently on work/life balance

Feld on Life Balance: “Accomplish What You Want, Not What You Think You Have to” | On the Radar...

Feld professed a belief throughout the interview that work-life balance is an important issue to everyone, yet he acknowledged that each person’s approach will be different. In fact, Feld expressed equal skepticism towards those who say “here’s how you achieve work life balance” in a one-size fits all approach as towards those who claim “work-life balance is bullshit” and life is only about working hard. But the venture capitalist did draw a line in the sand by saying that balance is an important issue to consider at all ages, as many make the mistake in believing they will “get the balance on the back half of life” an find it shorter than they hoped (“you don’t know when the lights are going to go out”). With this frame of reference, Feld spent most of the hour discussing his personal journey towards better work-life balance over the past eight years.

Doctor and Patient - Taking Time for the Self on the Path to Becoming a Doctor -

According to a study from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, I am far from the only doctor who has behaved this way. The researchers interviewed residents, or doctors in training, from seven different specialties and found that they set themselves up for burnout by accepting, even embracing, what they believed would be a temporary imbalance between the personal and professional aspects of their lives. While the young doctors interviewed defined well-being as a balance between all those parts, many felt that their medical training was so central to their ultimate sense of fulfillment that they were willing to live with whatever personal sacrifice was required, even if it meant a temporary loss of a sense of self.