Thursday, April 6, 2006

more on spring break

IMG_0897.JPG, originally uploaded by eesley.

I spent much of spring break here at the luxurious (though snobby) HBS library working on research. The weather was beautiful all week so I'd take a leisurely walk up the river and across the bridge to the HBS campus.

It's shaping up to be a summer full of travel. Here's the itinerary:

June 8-10th - Conference presentation in Indiana at IU (hopefully will get to see Mike A. or Rachael
June 26-28th - NeuroCog Trials in Miami
July 8th - Cincinnati for Curt's wedding
July 13-14th - Chicago for NeuroCog Trials
July 16-17th - LA for NeuroCog Trials
Aug. 11-17th - Atlanta for the AOM Conference presentation

UPDATE: Not to mention a trip or two to NYC to visit Curtis/Ashley, and Mike/Allison.

Oh, by the way, it snowed yesterday, big flakes. Snow . . . April . . . WTF?