Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Course Summary

It's hard to believe that we're down to the last course video - the course summary.

It's been a terrific road we've traveled together and I'm extremely proud and amazed at what you all have done with your ventures over such a short period of time!

I'm closing the formal part of the class with your personal business plan assignment and with a summary of what we've learned in the course together along with one of my very favorite video clips from Steve Jobs, a truly inspiring video and worth watching the entire thing!

I hope you all will stay engaged and together as a community. I'd love it if some of you would help to mentor the next batch of students when we do the class again!
Those participating in the Demo Day can continue on and of course venture-lab will continue to be a resource for you all.

Thanks for a great experience everyone!

Session 14

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