Monday, February 21, 2011

Internal Customer Communication

The integrity of a company's business is expressed through written correspondence as well as a verbal "Thank you for your business." Written communication is shared online, posted prominently on a wall at the business, and/or taken to a network meeting. With hours invested in social networking, sales, manufacturing, or designing, why isn't more attention paid to customers? Have you surveyed customers' needs from the reader's perspective?

Last week I participated in an online survey that missed several opportunities to gauge truer responses. Responses were forced not allowing for answers in two categories such as "I choose not to divulge" under income. How much do you know about your customer? Do you or your associates acknowledge his/her business or life events of your customers when you call on them for repeat business? How can you collaborate with your customers' businesses and/or refer to them others? Just as one produces labels for blogs to ensure greater readership, why not give that same attention to your customers and give them a boost that will eventually boost your business?

Evelyn Asher
Business Communicator/Freelance Editor