Friday, January 1, 2010

Small Business Tax And Accounting Resource …. Consulting And Education

Fred Daus, CEO & Founder of Fredrick James Accounting, Tax & Consulting has built his entire approach to taxes & consulting on educating clients to help them make better informed decisions that result in financial growth while reducing tax liability. This applies to both business and individual clients.

His firm is offering a new personalized, 1 hour consultation & education course for those who have recently become self employed, independent contractors, independent business owners and even those who are taking on side work while retaining their regular employment. The consult is designed to provide a solid foundation of practical and accurate tax advice that, if followed, will prevent costly mistakes that can lead to a shockingly large tax bill at the end of the year. Each consultation is developed according to individual clients situations & needs. During the hour consultation with CEO Fred Daus, clients will also have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have. The cost is $147 for one hour and comes with a money back guarantee.

For more information on this service please visit: Self Employment Tax Consultation

Mr. Daus also offers expert advice through his blog: Educating the Masses to Help You Save on Taxes. Business owners may find some of the free advice helpful as well as the small business topics delve into some of the financial/tax issues small business owners and independent contractors face.

Below are two examples of recent posts that can be found on the Fredrick James blog. Entries are posted weekly and they do accept suggestions and requests to cover issues of particular interest.

….. Finding the Right Accountant to Help Build Your Business


“...I want to clarify that accounting is an investment in your business, rather than an annoying expense. Finding the right accountant who understands your goals and is willing to work with you toward achieving them is worth his weight in gold. You will see a much higher return on your investment through smart tax planning and good financial reports that will help you more easily obtain credit in these credit-strapped times."

….. Starting Your Own Business: Choosing Your (Tax) Words Carefully


"One of the most important issues, related to your tax situation, is how you will define the people who work for you or, if you work for yourself, how you define your relationship to your business. Do I classify workers as employees or independent contractors? And why does it matter?"

Small Business owners may also find the new "Ask Fred" section helpful as it allows them direct access to Fred's expertise in regards to a specific question they may have.

To see more of what Fred’s blog has to offer go to: Educating the Masses to Help You Save on Taxes