Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I guess I've been too busy to post much recently.

Just a couple of quick updates and travel plans. Last weekend I took the Greyhound over to NYC and crashed with Mike and Allison. Had a great time since Curtis and Ashley are now in New York and Michael and Susannah drove up from New Jersey. Went out to dinner with everyone Saturday night and had a great time. What a blast to hang out with the old gang from Marietta in New York. I left Boston with the snow coming down hard and it was actually surprisingly warm in New York. On Sunday Mike and I went to Chinatown and had some great dumplings and then Chef Mike put together a nice dinner that evening.

This weekend (for spring break) I'm headed out to the Bay area to visit Eric, Kristin, Michael, Ali, Natalie and everyone. I'm also visiting some VCs and start-ups in the area. Looking forward to it.

April 11-13th I'm headed to Carnegie Mellon to give a talk.
May 21 I'm going to Cambridge, UK for a conference on Open Innovation and am hoping to use the opportunity to spend a couple weeks in Europe before heading back to the US.

June 3-7th I'm going to Chapel Hill, NC for a conference at UNC.

But for now. . . back to work!