Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Holiday blogging

The holiday break is a good time to blog.

The part of Thanksgiving that I like is mainly the food, but also the idea of remembering what you're grateful for and I think cultivating appreciation is definitely a good thing to try to do.

I'm grateful for all the friends that I have been able to keep up with over the years. Also, for the opportunity to be in grad school. It's a great experience to be done with classes and have time to focus on research and other activities with independence to decide how to spend my time.

I have a few upcoming trips which I'm looking forward to:

Dec. 20-26th - back to Marietta for Christmas
Jan. 1-6th - San Francisco to visit start-ups and friends there.
Jan. 24-29th - Duke, to be on the entrepreneurship panel of the Alumni Career Conference.

Now to take a break and watch "V for Vendetta".