Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blogging Uganda

Meera's blogging from Uganda . . . great stuff.

Before I start with ICT information, I must digress into talking about my visit to my old village-- I found that it, too, relates to our project...The 8 hour bus ride to Bunena quickly squelched the utopian vision I had of Uganda-- after two hours of waiting in the bus park, we finally ambled off for the dusty ride, complete with the requisite snake oil salesman peddling his wares and giving his (apparently convincing) salespitch for the first 20 minutes of the ride (he had at least 10 takers!) However, arriving in the village erased all memories of the bus ride-- I was greeted by Stella (my best friend in the village from Peace Corps) and her (now enlarged) crew of about 15 kids! It was great. The neighbors came over and we ate all of my favorites-- matooke, beans, groundnut sauce, millet, rice... the even baked a cake! (Surely a double gesture, for I had taught them how to bake cakes during my stay there.) That night, after a warm bucket bath under the stars, I slept well.

Blum Center Fellows in Uganda!

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