Monday, January 8, 2007

Anoopa Hall

DSC08719.jpg, originally uploaded by eesley.

From Anita Sharma:

The Hall is named "Anoopa Hall", and Uttama did the ribbon cutting ceremony and unveiled the marble plaque that read "In Memory of Anoopa Sharma, 7/9/1980-3/14/2005. Dennis' older sister performed the pooja and havan in front of the fire.

The hall is huge and will be divided into three: a computer lab, a library, and an all purpose meeting room. The collapsible dividers are yet to be put as well as library books and computers and associated furniture is to be acquired. That would be the next phase of the project.

We were welcomed by 690 young female students and staff eager to participate in the day's events. I was happy to see addition of a four faucet sink area for drinking water near the previously existing handpump in the school compound.

Most important, we want to thank all of you who helped us in this endeavor via prayers, well wishes, suggestions, time, efforts and generous donations.