Sunday, November 12, 2006


#69_Chocolate wars, originally uploaded by eesley.

Kelan (photo here from spring 2001 at our place on Clarendon St.) visited Boston/Cambridge this weekend. We went to the MIT on-campus bar - the Muddy Charles as I forced him to endure a business meeting and a phd student presentation the next day at Sloan. It was great catching up and especially getting up to date on the new music he's been digging. Wish I'd had less work and could have hung out more.

Also in the photo here is Ana Viego who is getting married this weekend in Wilmington (and Bonnie, living in Seattle now). I think Kelan and Ana are having a chocolate war here with one of Kelan's shipments from Hershey. I really hate to have to miss Ana's wedding!!! But alas, the workload is crushing this semester.

Congratulations Ana! Great to see you Kelan!