Saturday, March 11, 2006

Josh Davis

Last night I was invited to a MySpace group that is holding a Fundraiser for Josh Davis (who also has a MySpace page).

The group's goal:
We are trying to raise money to get Josh equipment that will help with his short term goal of driving. Our first goal is a TILITE Wheelchair. However, there are many long term goals such as the potential, yet expensive, stem cell surgery, and many other adaptive technologies that would help make life easier!

If you knew Josh, please do contribute.

Also, this is the one year anniversary of Anoopa's accident and passing. Anoopa's family has set up the Anoopa Sharma Children's Foundation (ASCF). The Fund will provide support for a school in North India which Dennis and Anoopa visited together in the summer of 2004. The school is the girls’ high school in a small village called Atrauli, which is where her father was born. The Fund still needs to raise more money to complete this project.